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Little Mermaid

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Little Mermaid

Inspired by the original Danish fairytale, our Little Mermaid is curious to learn all about the human world! She would love to be part of your special event and is sure to make a splash! 

Little Mermaid currently has three outfit options - her beautiful turquoise ballgown, her cute blue town dress and her mermaid outfit. Her ballgown's bodice is adorned with sparkling gems and features an elegant lace-up back. Her town dress consists of a delicate blouse and corset with a ruffled hem, and a gorgeous blue skirt the colour of the ocean that flares out when she twirls. Her mermaid outfit consists of a shimmering green tail skirt and purple seashells. Be sure to let us know upon booking which dress option you would prefer!

Please note: Little Mermaid's ballgown is extremely delicate and susceptible to damage from the elements. If you would like to book the Little Mermaid in her ballgown for an outdoor event, please make it clear upon booking that the event will take place outside and prepare a sheltered area in case of unfavourable outdoor conditions, such as mud or rain.

Why not invite the Little Mermaid's Prince too for twice the magic!

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